The DCP Phone Interview


20 minutes before:

10 minutes before:

5 minutes before:

When your phone rings:

During your interview:

Right after your interview:

The moment you realize that it could be anytime between tomorrow and months from now till you get any news back on the status of your application:

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I AM. Isaiah 41:10


I AM. Isaiah 41:10

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I give God…

Total control of my life.

The Disney College Program

My love life and friendships

My fears and heartache

My health

My future career



My family and pets

My insecurities

My “control” over my life

Lord take it all. It’s yours. I don’t want anything that you don’t want for me. It is so hard to let go, but I declare it now and ask God to just bless me.

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Disney College Program-ROUND 2

So I applied, quickly passed the WBI, and now I am scheduled for the phone intervierw on the 27th at 5:15 p.m.

So as I have gone through all this once before I know some of the things to do BUT…. ANY HELP OR PRACTICE OR THOUGHTS OR SUPPORT IS NEEDED, WANTED, AND APPRECIATED.

So if anyone has the answers to the scenario questions

such as the “if you are helping a customer and a phone rings what do you do?” (especially this one) and any others. Let me know.

If the interview has changed in any way in the past year, let me know.

Where do i send a thank you note and what should I say? I didnt last year and I sometimes wonder if it would’ve helped me if I did.

Also anyone has any good questions that I can ask the interviewer.

But any knowledge of the roles, or any useful tips, facts, tricks, etc. to impress.

How long should my reason for doing it be. Last time it was somewhat long. Basically said it’d be a dream come true, good on the resume, learning experience for both school and jobs now and the future, teaches me stuff personally (independence, character buiding etc.), am intrigued in the opportunities and the classes offered, think id be a good fit, and would give me a good chance to give back to Disney and create magic for others.
any of that sound good????

What i’m saying is, all you past, present, and future DCP’s. HELP ME PLEASE.

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Heathers (1988)

Heathers (1988)

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Idc that it’s photoshopped. It’s still pretty.

Idc that it’s photoshopped. It’s still pretty.

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Hands Like Houses - This Ain't No Place For Animals.

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lucid blog


lucid blog

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